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Interactive Sessions

Information Exchange and Involving communication between students work together.

Training is the art of knowledge transfer through the internet, from anywhere in the globe to targeted audiences who choose to learn a particular subject.

Notes in PDFs and video tutorials are given as a package,thereby helping students learn faster and easier.

Business Applications

Its likely to be developed to meet the needs of a specific business model.

Due to the unique requirements of each business,some level of customization is likely to be required.

Some business applications are interactive, i.e., they have a graphical user interface (GUI) or user interface(UI) and users can query/modify/input data and view results/reports instantaneously.

Student Services

The aim of Student Services is to provide a comprehensive and caring service to help our students to achieve their full technology potential.

The key to success for these services is that people find them easy to access and are not afraid to ask questions!

Student success is why we do what we do. Supporting students in ways that benefit their learning and help them achieve.



About us

CSIT is a online based Training and Development company, It was established in the year 2017 by Mr.A.Andrew Bergeran. Since then the company has been pioneering for student services and business solutions. In our brand symbolizes of the superior standards of quality and customer delight. We're looking forward to using our expertise to help you pursue your IT goals. We offer educational articles that software concepts and products designed to achive in your IT strategy. we offers several software development workshops seminar. My educational workshops will present IT basics and help you understand some sophisticated program concepts. We invite you to attend our scheduled IT seminars and presentations.


To empower IT excellence professional growth, make your passionate success!
To expand our services by offering dynamic plans, with smart options and competitive pricing in locations where people want to live.
To embrace cutting edge technologies, best practices and streamlined processes.


Every student and customer to achieve their own perspective growth, we lead the way to provide our best services


A.Andrew Bergeran M.Sc.,B.Ed.,M.B.A

Trainer | Developer | Admin


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